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Northern California Wedding in the Redwoods | Hannah + Jarom

October 14th, 2023

Roberts Regional Recreation Area

Oakland, CA

Hannah and Jarom wanted an intimate, whimsical event filled with family, close friends, and lots of love. They couldn't think of anywhere better to host their wedding than in the stunning Northern California Redwoods and guys, this was seriously the dreamiest weekend. The redwoods are definitely a required lifetime experience and if you are even considering going, do it! It really does feel like you're entering a whole different universe and is so serene. The way the light pours in through the trees is almost surreal and creates such a warm, peaceful atmosphere - perfect for weddings.

Photos by Samantha Kleven

Roberts Regional Recreation area is one of the more logistically complicated venues to host a wedding at due to their rules and regulations but with some special permissions and a wonderful team of helpers, Hannah & Jarom's wedding went flawlessly! For any couples considering a wedding there in the future (or any regional/state park really) I would advise to definitely do lots of research on the required permits and regulations before hand and to hire a team of helpers for set-up and take down as most parks don't provide that.

Hannah and Jarom were a dream couple to work with. They were so sweet, had so many creative ideas, and definitely knew how to party! Every detail of their wedding was straight out of a fairy tale. From the dark green, gold, and white color palette that perfectly accentuated the beauty of the forest to the dreamy book-lover escort card display, it all blended together so seamlessly and created an elegant, magical vibe. They had the sweetest ceremony with bright, tranquil lighting pouring in from the trees the whole time and after were able to spend some alone time in a teepee set up on the outer edge of the site while their guests chatted during cocktail hour. The reception was filled with laughter, gourmet pizza, and, of course, Taylor Swift!

Overall, their wedding weekend was so fun, relaxed and turned out so beautifully. I'm so grateful that we had the chance to help this amazing event turn out so well, and we're just counting down the days until we can plan our next event in California!

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